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What is health coaching and how can it help you?

Let me fill you in...

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Since the pandemic,

many of us have been feeling a little fatigued, disconnected and drained of the joy in our lives. The last few years have changed the way that we approach life and we can all feel the weight of the tensions in the world. It’s no surprise that many of us are struggling with our mental health.


But the truth is, the recent events have simply shone a mirror onto the reality of how we’ve been living since long before any of this started. We live in a society that encourages us to prioritize others, our careers, worry about money, neglect our relationships and engage in binge-like behaviour. We seek comfort in our Netflix shows, our glasses of wine, our social media feeds, and other coping mechanisms that don’t serve us. We have great intentions, we set goals and resolutions, only to drop them a few weeks later, discouraged that we’ve let ourselves down again. Why is it so hard for us to prioritize ourselves?


One big reason for this is that a lot of the time, the goals we set ourselves revolve around restriction. I’m here to show you a different way. Instead of restricting ourselves, I believe that we should be adding in more things that bring us joy, because that’s when we naturally start to feel good. And what happens when we feel good? We make choices that serve us because we want to carry on feeling good!

And so by using a holistic approach to health, I coach my clients to design a life they want to wake up to every day. We examine the 12 known areas of life and identify where the imbalance is coming from. We then work on nourishing those.

It's about instilling healthy, sustainable habits that will help you create balance in your life, and that you'll be able to keep up long after our time working together has ended.

I'll show you how to prioritize yourself and incorporate more joy into your everyday life, in ways that are applicable to the real world. Because the reality is, we all have obligations. We have busy lives and we have to pay the bills. It isn’t realistic to fit in extensive morning and evening routines, spend hours cooking healthy meals and simply do what we want all the time.

It's a balancing act that might feel impossible for you now, but over time, it can become second nature.

I offer a free one-hour consultation to discuss your needs and see whether we would be a good fit. Book yours in now!

How health coching can help

And what's the investment?

Below you'll find listed my prices for 1:1 coaching.

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