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Hey There

I'm Carly, and this is my story.

They say that it often takes a big disruption to wake us up to the reality of our lives. For me, it was losing my mum to cancer. I often mention that as the catalyst for me, and it was. I had to take a long hard look at the choices I was making. But what it took me a little longer to catch on to was that actually, I'd been living in a pretty unhealthy way for a long time. For most of my life actually, I've been self-soothing with alcohol, TV shows, partying, food... the list goes on. I was just doing what I thought I needed to. I wanted to fit in. 

I grew so freaking tired of myself that I actually needed those things even more. Because I needed to hide behind them. Anything rather than face reality. Plus, I was chasing a feeling, trying to fill myself up. You get it, right?

For a while I thought I had an alcohol problem. Then when I quit drinking I saw that straight away I clung to something else. I ate so much that I was incredibly bloated. My tummy was really sticking out and I felt full all the time. I was literally never hungry. But I was able to get that under control if I was smoking cigarettes. Because I could just go for a ciggie instead of food. Or, I could go shopping and spend way too much money. I didn't want to do any of these things. Or I'd cling on to whichever relationship I was in or obsess over guys that didn't have a care in the world for me. 

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me because whenever I googled these things it would just come up with terms such as "alcoholic", "shopaholic", "whatever-oholic", but I couldn't relate to any of those, because I could actually quite easily stop any of these things, as long as I had something else I could binge on. 

I felt so out-of-control, because I just wanted to be free. Free to make the choice to have just one or two drinks with friends and then go home, or just have the one cookie, not the whole box, or watch just one episode. But once I started I couldn't stop. So I stopped trusting myself, and I placed restriction after restriction on myself. I'm sure you guessed it - that didn't work, either! 


I'm gonna try and cut a long story short here, but after a lot of trial-and-error, I found that the answer was self-love. I know, that's super cheesy, and it's a buzzword these days. But it's really what it comes down to. By nurturing and nourishing my body, my mind and my soul, I've found that I naturally sway towards the option that serves me. The option that makes me feel good. And that's what led me to learning about holistic health, and eventually seeking a health coaching certification the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. But the biggest thing that qualifies me to coach others is that I live it everyday. I practice what I preach and I'm imperfect. I make mistakes, I slip up, I pick myself up and sometimes I do better the next time, sometimes it takes me a little longer. Every day I get a little bit better at prioritizing myself, loving myself and feeling less of a need for everyone to like me. And now I can teach that to others. What a privilege!

A better life is available to all of us.

YOU can feel in control, you can get to where you trust yourself to make the right choices. You can build a life you want to wake up to everyday, and you can feel the full spectrum of emotions, not just the crappy ones. You can stop criticizing yourself and show yourself some self-compassion.


I want to show you how. Book your free consultation with me today and I'll tell ya all about it. And you can tell me a little more about you, and where you want to go. And we'll see if we can take a part of that journey together. 


I can't wait to meet you!  

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