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Feeling Stuck?

If you've been indulging a little too much lately in all those comforting coping mechanisms, and you feel it isn't serving you anymore but you don't know how to stop, look no further.

Your binges aren't the problem, they're a symptom

All too often we're led to believe that we're the problem; that we lack self-control or discipline. Or that we have a "problem". What I've discovered in my own journey is that while sometimes it's necessary to remove a specific substance, we'll never be truly in control until we explore the deeper issue at play: WHY are you bingeing? 

Whatever your poison, this will help you

Whether you struggle with your alcohol intake, emotional eating, bingeing on Netflix, FOMO, the fear of saying no, people-pleasing, etc., the strategy I use in this call will help you get to the root cause of the reasons why you're seeking comfort in these behaviours, so you understand yourself better and learn to recognise the triggers when they arise. Knowledge is power and awareness is key. I'll share tools you can take with you into your daily life so that you can feel in control of your life and choices.

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