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I help businesses in the Holistic Health and Wellness sector expand their reach to help as many people as possible, by sharing their message and expertise.


I have produced high-quality copy for 3+ years and have many happy clients. Read on for more information on how I can help you.

Short-Form Blog Copy

1000 words or less

Short-form blog articles get a single point across quickly and efficiently. They are easy to consume.


They're effective for grabbing attention as they're easier and quicker for your audience to consume (improved readership). They're perfect for nurturing your audience (enter the sales funnel) and are a good choice for easier calls-to-action such as signing up for your newsletter or following your socials. 

A great choice if: 

  • you provide a product or service that benefits from a straight-to-the-point explanation.

  •  you want to nurture the audience who already wants to buy from you, but needs specific information.

  • you want to post articles on your blog more often and consistently (increased visibility).

Notebook and Pen

Long-Form Blog Copy

1000-2500 words

Long-form blogs allow for more depth on a topic, thereby showing your expertise and nurturing the 'trust' part of the 'know, like and trust' factor (enhanced credibility). 


Long-form blogs allow you to engage your audience and keep them on your website for longer (increased retention). The keyword-rich content helps your site rank higher organically. They've also been shown to increase conversions. 

A great choice if:

  • you sell a product or service that requires extensive explanation.

  • you provide a product or service that isn't well-known or is controversial.

  • what you do is high-end and expensive or requires a bigger time investment from your customers/clients.

  • you want to nurture the people who are at the beginning of the buyer's journey and need to know more about what you do.

  • you wish to show your expertise by providing education-related content.

What My Previous Clients Say


Mandi, Director of Content at Crazy Sexy Wellness,

Carly is a pleasure to work with, always delivers her work on time and is very accommodating of last-minute changes or any extras that we need. Her work ethic is unparalleled and her knowledge of holistic health impressive.

Some of My Previous Client Work

Want to know more? Download my services guide for more information and pricing. 

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