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Nourishing & Easy Breakfast Ideas

Getting some good nourishment for breakfast isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re like me and you grew up thinking sugary cereal and milk was what breakfast dreams were made of.

In this blog I’ll share some simple ideas for a nourishing and satiating breakfast that’ll fuel you for the day ahead. Here’s a mixture of sweet and savoury morning nosh to suit different tastes.


A breakfast hash is essentially a mixture of different ingredients put together in a bowl. It’s usually warm. The options are almost endless. I recommend experimenting with different combos for this one, because variety is the spice of life, but it’s also the key to nourishment if you ask me.

breakfast hash
breakfast hash


Overnight oats are for those who have more of a sweet tooth in the morning, and prefer something cold.

Use your favourite ingredients to get in your complex carbs, your healthy fats and your protein first thing in the morning.

overnight oats
overnight oats


We all know what porridge is - it’s been a classic breakfast bowl for probably centuries now. Probably because it’s so cheap.

But did you know that you don’t have to use oats to make porridge? In fact, you can use pretty much any grain you want. You could literally make the same recipe every single day and just alternate your grains. Or even better, a grain blend! Like a porridge trail mix.

And the great thing? You can make it sweet or savory.


There you have it. Off you go then, get experimenting! And don't forget to share your favourite combos with me on Facebook.

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